Here for yourself or your partnership?

All of you is welcome the wild and the tender rooted in your Mind Body and Spirit

Working with me is a journey into your desire …

You can have the great sex, respect and love you deserve without having to bargain or compromise who you are or what matters to you. I know this because I’ve witnessed hundreds of my clients achieve this level of personal success in every area of their lives, time and again.

Sessions with me are a an adventure, sometimes a client or couple know what it is they want to work on other times figuring out what they authentically want is the journey. I strive to create a shame free zone where with permission to bring all of yourself and you desire to the table. There is no right or wrong way to do relationship there is only your way, it is my aim to support you in living and loving from your authentic core. Our sessions will combine talk and action with homework and accountability. You will receive my exquisite attention and get real time feedback, so you can hone your attention and tune into yourself and your partner. My approach includes aspects of mind, body and spirit so that all of us can come to the party.

Sessions can include grounding, movement, communication skills, mapping values and boundaries, masculine and feminine energy interplay. In person session may also include guided touch, nothing will be practiced without full consent!

I work with couples and individuals

Some topics for Singles:
Knowing what you want
Letting Go of the past and preconceived notions
Asking for What You want
Love Languages and Erotic Desires
Worthiness and receiving
Sexual Mastery
Letting go of shame
Erectile discfunction
Self touch and self pleasure
Polarity Practices

Some topics for couples

Sexual Sovereignty
Difference in sexual needs
Clean communication
Love languages
Asking for what you want
Saying/hearing NO and YES

How does it work?

After many years of studying what works, I find that a 90-day commitment to yourself and our journey is a very powerful start. It gives us time and space to dive deeply into the heart of what you need to understand and be able to apply to start to make the changes you want love life and life in general.And like many things as solve one challenge new ones arise, I have some clients I have worked with consistently for years and others that work in bursts when they need support. We meet once a week on the phone/zoom or in person. I like to be in personal least once a month.