Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews for Dana Sylver


“She was on time and met me at the door with a warm hug.  While we talked for a little, she asked me several times about preferences and injuries.  As she got up to leave the room, she switched gears and took control.  She returned and put me through my paces with bondage and spanking (a great spanker – she loves it and does it with glee).  Massage was killer and the sensation play was off the hook, she used her whole body, including ass play.  She is very sensual and likes to feel you squirm.” 

~ Subguy Santa Cruz

“She was ready when I got there.  We talked a bit and she is very intelligent.  Made me feel comfortable.  Asked me what I expected and she responded with what she was going to do.  No surprises.  It was a great experience, one that had been on my ‘bucket list’.  Highly recommended!”

 ~ Williamshead Santa Cruz



A combination of a great CMT-class massage with sensuality throughout.  Dana uses both her hands and her obvious assets to sooth, caress, and stimulate you all over.  She’s very present throughout, and an excellent (and sexy) conversationalist, making sure that your interest never flags.” 

~ Fbsm Fanboy San Francisco

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