Sponsor Me: Help me to invest in myself, I was planning on attending the in person version of the Somatica training.

Many of you know that I have been on this journey of empowering MEN and supporting them in being better lovers and partners to the women their lives, whether for one night or for a life time. When is comes to sexuality I am a shame free zone. I coach it, I speak about it, I live it. Now it is time to go deeper, so that I can support more men in being socially confident and sexually masterful.


While I have mad hands on skills with the world in flux I want more tools to support my clients that I can use online or over the phone. I have had the opportunity of watching several of my friends go through the program and have incredible results.

In addition to the personal growth work opportunity, doing the Somatica Core Training and Certification qualifies me to be a sex and relationship coach (which would be amazing).

Should you choose to accept, I am offering gifts for contributions. You may choose any gift from your level of contribution or lower :

$1000+ ~ 6 Hours of Somatica Based Sessions

$600-$749 ~ 2 sessions 90 min Private Couples Session – Cultivating Connection

Understand How to Ask for what you want and Identify what works for your partner
Learn Specific Techniques so you don’t wear yourself out, massage should feel good for the receiver AND the giver

$300-$599 ~ 2 sessions 1 Hr. One on One Session – Session customized from Somatica Training

$100- $300 1 30 min Clarity Call 90 min of Recorded Meditation, Visualization, Breath, Movement

$25 – $100 Recorded guided meditation